Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On Phantasms, Lecterns and Tourist Traps

Some things are given to specific morphologies through their reference to a sublevel of language-driven or behavioral abstraction. These objects exist in a state wherein virtually every aspect of their materiality as objects is dictated almost solely by their function as a resting place for an alphabet of subterranean signs.

What is this thing above if not an object/image designed to have the guests/subjects place themselves physically within a fantasy space provided by the illusion of a painting? In a certain sense the subjects make a temporary sculpture of themselves to the end of eventually reversing their own gaze once the painting/sculptural tableau is collapsed into two dimensions by the shutter of the camera and printed out as a picture for their own visual reabsorption. The former subjects have done an about face, reemerging as onlookers into a fantasy partly of their own devising, and partly the product of social norms which serve to protect order and promote social control.

Simulated reinforcement of social norms through vernacular dramaturgy, and the almost-exact opposite(?)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008